A. McDonald Law Office provides aggressive legal representation against mortgage foreclosure that any homeowner facing mortgage foreclosure can afford.  As a former contested litigation supervision attorney for the banking and mortgage foreclosure industry, Attorney Alishia W. McDonald knows first hand the pitfalls and mistakes often made by homeowners facing mortgage foreclosure.  Call today and be sure that before you agree to a loan modification, undergo bankruptcy, agree to a DIL, or move out of your home that your rights have been protected! 


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A. McDonald Law Office handles all aspects of dissolution of marriage, modification, and family law proceedings, including: alimony, child support, time sharing and parenting, custody by extended family and relatives, equitable distribution, prenuptial and martial settlement and separation agreements, paternity establishment and disestablishment, domestic violence injunction, and contempt and enforcement actions.

Attorney Alishia W. McDonald is a Former Felony State Prosecutor.  A. McDonald Law Office handles all areas of state criminal defense, including (although not limited to): white collar crime, all types of criminal fraud, aggravated assault and battery, sexual assault and battery, 10-20-Life crimes, Habitual Felony Offender / Habitual Violent Felony Offender offenses, Driving While License Suspended - felony, felony murder, theft crimes, robbery, internet sex crimes, trafficking, narcotics violations, probation violations, misdemeanors, and juvenile court delinquency proceedings.  Attorney McDonald has a reputation for thorough and zealous representation of clients through all aspects of the criminal prosecution, including the investigative phase, motion practice and jury trial proceedings.  Clients can rest assured that they have the best possible trial attorney handling their case during the most difficult time of their lives.

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